Purpose of a dashboard report

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purpose of a dashboard report

Corporate sustainability report - csr - pepsiCo

Returning Water in Jordan, diversity performance: Fostering Equality, here, explore our past Sustainability and Global Reporting Initiative reports to see our historic sustainability activities and accomplishments. Past sustainability and global reporting initiative reports 2015 Sustainability report and 2025 Agenda.5m 2015 gri report.6m 2014 Sustainability report.2m 2014 gri report.4m 2013 Sustainability report.4m 2013 gri report.5m 2011/2012 Sustainability report.7m 2011/2012 gri report.7m 2010 Sustainability report. Regional and topic-specific reports 2014 Pepsico uk sustainability Platform.9 m 2014 Pepsico europe sustainable Agriculture Brochure.3m 2013 Pepsico greater China sustainability report.9m 2013 Pepsico water Report.0m, we believe strong sustainability governance is the foundation for delivering on our Performance with Purpose. At Pepsico, sustainability topics are integrated into, and not separate from, our business. To learn more about the role that our board, senior leadership, and employees throughout the company play in managing sustainability at Pepsico, please visit our. We value the views of our shareholders and other stakeholders, and the input that we receive from them is a cornerstone of our Performance with Purpose (PwP) 2025 agenda. These engagements help us learn about emerging sustainability topics, better inform our efforts, and help Pepsico work to create value for society.

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Custom reports reporting archiving you can model any sort of business process and manage any sort of data with Jira. Thanks to the low-level approach based on document templates and Groovy scripts, the pdf view Plugin gives you incomparable flexibility and power to extract complex documents from those. In this section we collected some custom-built report examples for inspiration). Since 2006, we have been reporting on an important journey as a company, transforming the way we do business so we can deliver strong long-term financial returns in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the world around. We are pleased to share the progress we are making on our Performance with Purpose journey. Inaugural progress on our 2025 Agenda is reported in the below 2016 Sustainability report. Detailed information on our governance, management, programs, progress and next steps on sustainability issues of importance to our stakeholders, as well as additional 2016 performance data, is conveniently catalogued in our. A-z topics replacing a separate Global Reporting Initiative report. This information is also summarized in our gri index on pages 71-77 of the below 2016 Sustainability report. 2016 Report.2m, cdp climate Change submission.1m, cdp water Submission.0m, cdp forests Submission.0m, inside the 2016 Sustainability report, about PepsiCo. Performance with Purpose performance dashboard, setting Firm Limits: Our Target Nutrient levels.

Requirement specifications srs software engineering requirements management The enables you to replace your hyper-expensive inventory requirements Management system with a practical and light-weight Jira based mechanism, producing accurate technical documentation with lower efforts. The template is based on the recommendations of the ieee/eia 12207.1-1997 standard ( Recommended Practice for Software requirements Specifications but it can be applied to any kind of engineering discipline, from hardware design to mechanicals. Traceability matrix reports test management testing requirements management The traceability-matrix-fo. Vm renders a matrix with bi-directional relations between two list of issues, based on the issue links created between the items. It helps you to discover the dependencies between requirements (or use cases. Implementation tasks) or the completeness of your test suite (coverage between features and test cases for example. Vm template helps to print paper cards for physical story boards, for teams working with Scrum, kanban or some other methodology that represents work items with signal cards on boards. The template allows customizing paper size, card size and card content to the smallest details. Get a paper cutter, cut along the marks and enjoy!

purpose of a dashboard report

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Pdf view Plugin correctly exports all JEditor formatted texts to pdf, allowing users stay productive with the wysiwyg editor plus create rich documents with low efforts. See the jeditor section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical essay details. Table Grid Editor exports table spreadsheet The din table Grid Editor app adds tabular (spreadsheet-like) custom fields to jira issues. This format enables managing structured information, like" line items, employee history or checklists, in powerful custom fields. Pdf view Plugin exports Table Grid Editor managed custom fields to pdf, fully preserving their structure also in the pdf documents. See the table Grid Editor section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. Project status reports reporting project management The project-report-fo. Vm helps to create an executive level status report with visual key performance Indicators (KPI) like schedule, costs and Risk in the top and precise issue lists in bottom. You can freely customize this template to your own kpi's, and then make the report generation automatic for a simple progress tracking solution.

Pdf view Plugin allows exporting Gliffy diagrams to pdf, so that you can communicate issues with external parties outside jira just as efficiently as inside jira. See the Gliffy section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. NFeed exports rest sql ldap data integration The nFeed app integrates external data sources (sql databases, ldap, active directory, rest apis, salesforce, csv files, etc.) to jira. Pdf view Plugin is tightly integrated with nFeed, allowing you to export all nFeed custom fields to pdf. Having full access to nFeed custom field values, you can easily implement custom reporting and Business Intelligence on nFeed data. See the nFeed section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. JEditor exports wysiwyg rich text JEditor is a popular Jira app which makes it easier to edit text type issue fields (environment, description, text type custom fields, etc.) and comments by replacing Jira's built-in markup editor with a visual rich text editor.

Paper Dashboard: Free bootstrap Admin Template @ Creative tim

purpose of a dashboard report

Creating an Excel Dashboard (Examples & free templates)

Gantt charts are popular data representation tools in practical project management. These sample pdfs are gantt charts created from Jira tasks with a single click. Zephyr test exports test management testing reporting pdf view Plugin integrates with Zephyr, the most popular test management app for Jira. Test type issues keep their layout and data structure when exported to pdf. You also have control over the level of test details to be exported: you can choose to export executions with detailed step result, just the execution results or the test steps only.

See the zephyr section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. Insight exports reporting asset management Insight is the leading asset management app for Jira, that allows implementing cmdb, crm, hr, itsm or itil functionality on the jira platform. Pdf view Plugin is tightly integrated with Insight, allowing you to export all Insight custom fields with the desired granularity (object keys, names and attributes) to pdf. Having full access to Insight objects and their attributes, you can easily implement custom reporting and Business Intelligence on Insight data. See trumpet the Insight section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. Gliffy diagram exports illustration drawing diagram diagrams can save a thousand words when communicating issues, by illustrating complex concepts with easy to grasp drawings. Gliffy is the most popular diagram drawing app for Jira.

Vm template exports complete jira dashboards or individual Jira gadgets to customizable pdf reports. Automate the process and the periodical reports will come to your mailboxes automatically! Vm template calculates the Spent Time totals and grand totals for any arbitrary issue set. It supports both Jira's internal time tracking and Tempo, the most popular time tracking app for Jira. See the tempo timesheets section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details.

Jira service desk (support desk) exports ticketing sla reporting Integration is a key design goal for the pdf view Plugin. It supports the most popular Jira apps, enabling you to get more value out of your previous investment and your existing data. These samples demonstrate exporting the jira service desk managed custom fields to various templates (in fact, you can integrate those to any template). See the jira service desk section in the Integrations page for a tutorial video and technical details. Release notes documents software engineering release management The smart release-notes-fo. Vm template has several advantages over the basic Release notes generated by jira: it enables company branding (logos, colors you can precisely specify what fields to include, you have full access to any piece of information inside and outside jira, and you can include additional. This is an easy and powerful way to get software version documentation out of Jira. Gantt charts scheduling reporting project management The gantt-chart-fo. Vm template visualizes project schedules by displaying issues as horizontal bars, along with their start and end-dates.

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Vm template exports one or more issues to straight-forward pdf documents. It offers you several configuration variables to choose what to include in the pdfs. The visual design is intentionally kept on the bare minimum, so that the emphasis is on your content, not on the "chrome" around it, although you can customize it with extreme flexibility. Issue lists sharing customer-facing document archiving The issue-navigator-fo. Vm template exports any list of issues from Issue navigator to a landscape-oriented table using the currently configured columns and ordering. It allows you to create custom pdf documents from ad-hoc jql women searches and saved filters with a single click. As for visuals, this one and all our templates apply the "invisible design" paradigm, allowing readers to focus on the data. Jira dashboards, gadgets reports reporting project management working Jira dashboards are great tools to summarize issue, project and progress information online, but they were not designed for exporting and for sharing with external people.

purpose of a dashboard report

Vm) offers the following configuration variables: #set(showCurrentTime true) # whether to highlight the current week or day #set(startDateCustomFieldId 10400) # should be a date picker type custom field #set(endDateCustomFieldId 10401) # should be a date picker type custom field 10800) # should be a number type custom field. Allow parents and subtasks appear statements "detached you can edit the configuration variables intuitively: Login to jira as administrator. Go to Administration Add-ons pdf templates. Click the template file you wanted to edit, for example gantt-chart-fo. It opens in the built-in template editor. Make a new export, which will reflect the changes in the configuration variables. Creating new pdf templates you can easily create custom templates by reading the template development documentation and by using the recipes that we collected for frequent use cases. For those who'd rather focus on their core business and use our expertise to create custom pdf templates for their needs, midori offers template development services. General-purpose issue exports sharing customer-facing document archiving The issue-fo.

Issue with nFeed fields, issue list with nFeed data, learn more about the nFeed integration JEditor exports Issue with JEditor formatted fields learn more about the jeditor integration Table Grid Editor exports Issue with table grid Issue list with table grids learn more about the. Our aim is to give you a quick understanding of what is possible out of the box. This is obviously just the beginning of the story, because the customization and export creation possibilities are literally endless. You can use the "factory-default" templates in the following ways: As they are (we polished them further and further over the years so that they give a ready-made solution for most situations) Configure their look and behaviour by editing their configuration variables (see next section). These variables appear in the top part of the pdf templates or in the top part of the Groovy scripts, and are documented right in the code. Some variables are required to work correctly (like setting up the tempo authentication for Tempo exports while some actually modify the export's look or behaviour. For instance, the gantt chart template (gantt-chart-fo.

Timesheets invoices, filsafat timesheet, time-based invoice, tempo invoice. Learn more about the tempo timesheets integration. Jira service desk (support desk) exports. Ticket export, sLA list, learn more about the jira service desk integration. Release notes documents, release notes for a software product. Gantt charts, weekly gantt chart report, daily gantt chart report. Zephyr test exports, zephyr test steps, zephyr test executions.

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In this page, overview, configuring pdf templates via configuration variables. Creating new pdf templates, general-purpose issue exports, issue with basic information. Issue with all information, issue with its attachments embedded, automatic buy localization. International characters, issue lists, simple issue table, task list with rich formatting. Jira dashboards, gadgets reports, basic dashboard export, monthly service desk report. Aggregated Scrum sprint report, kanban performance report, built-in Jira report (as gadget). Automatic localization for dashboards reports.

Purpose of a dashboard report
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Refer to our account documentation to learn more about activating your Stripe account and keeping it safe. Dashboard is a feature-rich user interface for you to operate and configure your Stripe account.

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  1. What is an Excel. Dashboard and how does it differ from a report? Lets first understand what is an Excel dashboard. An Excel dashboard is one pager (mostly, but not always necessary) that helps managers and business leaders in tracking key kpis or metrics and take a decision based.

  2. Aggregated Scrum sprint report. This example aggregates the status reports of 3 teams' on-going sprints into a single pdf document, one page per team. Health plan information, help with complaints, grievances, health coverage, health insurance, denials, independent medical review, external review. Free bootstrap Admin Template Product description If you are a developer or a website owner that needs to work within a dashboard and want to have a pretty sight while doing so, paper Dashboard is for you.

  3. Knoxville's community dashboard is an at-a-glance on the issue of homelessness in Knoxville,. Its purpose is to inform our community on efforts. Digital Transformation Agency has delivered its first progress report on its Performance, dashboard platform after passing its beta assessment. Pepsico, corporate, sustainability report (CSR) and read about stakeholder engagement, sustainability governance and our journey to make an impact.

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