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kdp book report

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These scammers are using a number of tricks to boost their Sales Rank, appearance in search, general visibility, and ku payouts: Title keyword stuffing. The most common trick involves inserting genre keywords in the books title, so instead of saved by the big bear (an invented example) you will get something obnoxious like romance: Shifter Romance saved by the big bear (Shifter Paranormal seal cowboy clean Romance) as the. Then when a reader searches for clean romance or paranormal romance this title will appear. A common ruse is to upload 25 titles with different covers, but each containing all 25 books, with the order rotated slightly. Others fill the books with translations of the main title, or random content pulled from who-knows-where. This can turn a 1 ku payout into a 12 payout from the common pool (i.e.

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I wanted to highlight this story because it illustrates two aspects of this mess: (1) What these scammers are doing isnt particularly sophisticated but Amazon is still struggling to deal with the problem. (2) Customer service levels at kdp paperweight are still unacceptable. Basic issues are generally handled well, it should be said, but when there is a serious or complex problem, kdp customer service can be awful. This has been an issue for years now and has never been properly addressed. I also share Phoenixs worry that authors who generally play by the rules may be tempted to start breaking them. I really hope that Amazon starts to get a handle on this, but its actions to date dont inspire much confidence. I dont have access to Amazons internal systems, obviously, but with a few simple searches I can generate a huge list of both scammers and likely for-pay reviewers (and the authors and publishers using them). Its really not too hard so i dont know what Amazon is struggling with here. Its quite obvious what the scammers are doing: Publish a title with keywords stuffed in the title so that it appears high in search. Set it free so paid reviewers can download for free and add their paid-for reviews. Return it to the paid listings where it will appear even higher in search now thanks to the free downloads.

I want to story be the vendor Amazon wants me to be—exclusive, smart about promoting, someone who drives legitimate traffic to their site, a money-maker for us and them, and a cheerleader for their services. Why do they make it so hard? And how many ethical authors are feeling pressured into adopting black hat techniques seeing how many black hatters are making bank on them with seeming impunity? Some days even Im tempted to grab a few eins and a handful of throwaway email accounts, put on a black hat and go to town. I understand the system—all I need is one good month to game it * * * Phoenix Sullivan is not quite ready to trade her white hat for a black one. Currently, shes Managing Director of Steel Magnolia press (Jennifer Blake, president still paying for advertising that reaches real readers who may or may not buy or download any of their books on offer depending on some factors under smps control (covers, blurbs and content) and. Find smps catalog here on Amazon. my thanks to Phoenix for sharing her experiences.

kdp book report

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Your concern was transferred to me and Ill be glad to help. Sic That short, personal part of the reply was followed by their lengthy, canned response about how ranks are determined, leading off with, Thanks you for bringing this to our attention. Let me take an opportunity to explain you the way our sales ranking system works. Sic All of which was entirely irrelevant to the complaint at travel hand. And while i recognize its nothing more than a copy/pasted script triggered by keywords in my email, i also appreciate the irony of kdp support lecturing me on how their rankings work. The most frustrating part is being unable to reach someone who understands issues that arent in their scripts. Which is why i approached david about space to bullhorn these further shenanigans while hes still on a roll with Amazons pr department over all the other gamers still playing roulette with ku—and winning.

That drives customers off-Amazon to find discoverability elsewhere. Which means fewer eyes browsing the paid ads on their site. Which means fewer impressions, fewer clicks, and fewer dollars—for Amazon. If they wont clean up their store because they feel its an author/self-publisher problem or a kdp problem, maybe theyll care about cleaning it up when they realize its an Amazon problem too. The correspondence i sent kdp support was very detailed, leading off with the statement, Please escalate this to management. I also included the asins, authors and titles of all 22 suspect books. My escalation request made it up a notch, and I was assured, my name is removed, one of the customer Service supervisor with Kindle direct Publishing.

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kdp book report

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Plus the 1 book had zero reviews during the time it was at 1 and no author recognition factor. That it happened over a weekend, especially a holiday weekend, was likely not a coincidence. Amazon Support is short-staffed on regular weekends, and they move slower to catch and correct. Why its amazons problem too, is it Amazons fault that scam services take advantage of their systems? But they do bear liability in putting systems in place and promoting them to their author-publisher clients, joker and then not policing those systems or changing them out in favor of something less-easily gamed. I shop-talk algorithms a lot—ranks, poplists, recommendation algos, etc—and its easy to get caught up in the mathematics and theories, and to objectively dissociate their workings from their very real impact on our bottom line. When those gamers steal visibility, they are stealing profits from others, pure and simple.

The two books of ours in the top 100 Free were impacted by the loss of visibility by being knocked back from Page 1 to page 2 and from Page 5 to page. The two books that hit just outside the list suffered even more from not getting deserved visibility. Not in some abstract, esoteric sense or bragging rights sense, but quantifiable dollars. Ethical authors and publishers are the ones having to pour more and more of our profits into the system to stay ahead of the scammers in terms of visibility. But it doesnt just impact. While Amazon seems to care little about the impact to kdp authors as a whole, they are undermining their own carefully built website infrastructure by allowing the gamers and scammers a place to flourish. Theyre eroding the confidence of their customers every time a reader clicks in and is faced with a wall of low-quality scam books.

The majority of them were childrens picture books and cookbooks, with few to no reviews, keyword-stuffed titles (some with one or two misspelled words in the title and blurbs that made it clear no English-speaking editor had touched them. Id seen this before periodically. A handful of freebies appearing high on the list out of nowhere, usually gone in 24-36 hours, most likely the result of click-farmed downloads. One such service was guinea-pigged and analyzed on kboards here, and users were subsequently admonished by Amazon and advised not to use them again as noted here. During the free run periods ive managed, ive not seen them break through the bookbub wall—ranks 1 through 12. I went to sleep in the wee hours of Sunday morning—after firing off a letter to kdp support—with our bb-backed freebie firmly ensconced at 2, only to wake up a few hours later to a front page of the Free list completely taken over, from.

Take a moment to absorb that. Our title was contemporary romance with a bookbub list.2 million subscribers. That was the only promo site we bought for it, and it garnered about 25K downloads on the us site that day. The book ahead of Jennifers was a cozy mystery off a list.3 million subscribers. Both were books by recognizable authors with a solid number of reviews. Yet 22 other books that day managed more than 25K downloads each.

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I talk about this stuff. More power to the underdog books that come out of nowhere to grab a top spot on any list. Weve had a couple of those ourselves. But even those underdog books have a very clear reason for being on the list. These 22 books under discussion, in my experienced opinion, not so much. This is the screenshot I snapped of what Phoenix discovered. I can also confirm the other titles were of a similar ilk. All appear to be from internet marketers rather than authors, business 20-page pamphlets of cobbled together content with poor reviews (but with a reasonable cover slapped on the front). Nothing you can imagine hitting the charts without shenanigans — dave.

kdp book report

Yet there they were, hanging together as a block, solid from 6 to 27. I saw books of two friends that a couple of hours before had been in the top 20—and most importantly, on Page 1 —shoved back to the 30s and Page. I run a lot of promotions. Steel Magnolia has been fortunate to have seen more than 30 titles in the top 3 Free and another 70 or so titles hit in the top 100, many of them multiple times. Ive managed the giveaways of over.2 million copies. I watch this stuff. I pay attention to this stuff.

afternoon. So far, so good. But a curious thing was happening further up the top 100 Free list. Two other free books of ours seemed to be garnering enough downloads for ranks that would put them in the top 100, but they were sitting just outside that visibility. In fact, during the early evening, one of those titles lost a rank. Yes, a single rank, but at 107 with a good history of increasing downloads behind it, that was very telling movement. Additionally, we had another book in the top 100 that seemed stalled in the 70s despite increasing downloads that day. A peek at the full Top 100 Free list revealed why. There were 22 books across 7 author names on the list that didnt belong.

If you unfamiliar with Phoenix, she wears multiple hats: author, self-publisher, and publisher, as well as a table very smart marketer and someone with a peerless understanding of Amazons systems and the various algorithms that power its recommendation engine. Heres, phoenix Sullivan with more: over the easter weekend, i was watching a carefully orchestrated promotional campaign of Steel Magnolia press titles. By design, were back down to just the original founders of the micropress—. Jennifer Blake and myself, with a couple of pen names and about 75 titles between. Our catalog is currently exclusive to Amazon, meaning were all-in in Select and. Our promotions are planned to optimize visibility via a mix of Free and countdown deals and keep our back and front list afloat for a few weeks, then rinse and repeat. For our Easter weekend promotion, we had 12 books sharing an ad budget of about 1300.

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Last month, Amazon was caught up in a crisis at least partly of its own making when bungled attempts to deal with a growing Kindle Unlimited scammer problem resulted in the sanctioning of innocent authors. Amazon has since apologized, and has also pledged to beef up its response to the ku scamming mess but questions very much remain about whether Amazon is taking the problem seriously enough. A quick check shows that some of the main scammers are still operating, under the very same author names and book titles that were reported to Amazon in late february and early march. Which is very disappointing. A couple of weeks ago, i was chatting with Phoenix Sullivan about the problem and she told me about something else she was witnessing scammers taking over the free charts in the kindle Store. I could see what she was describing and invited her to share the story here. But first, Phoenix wanted to give kdp an opportunity short to take action. You can guess how that went.

Kdp book report
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  1. in which kdp authors include, in the first few pages of a 21 book, hyperlinks that, if clicked, bring readers to the end of books. with your kdp report, which keeps a record of sales and royalties at each price discount alongside your book s pre-promotion. Firstly, if you are enrolled in kdp select, you are able to offer your book on free promotion for 5 days in any three month period).

  2. re a kdp writer, you know that Amazon emphasizes using carefully selected keywords consistently across both the building and the. articlesTags Amazon kdp, book formatting issues, book typos, quality control20 Comments on kdp error Messages: The sky is Not Falling. Amazons kdp spell check is a nice, quick final test to help ensure there are no obvious spelling errors in your book before you. publishing or kdp is Amazons e- book publishing unit which was launched when the company began selling its Amazon Kindle book reading.

  3. per month, its doing better than the average kdp select book. (Thats how many pages read it takes to earn the average 11 per month.). Get help publishing on Amazon's Kindle direct Publishing ( kdp a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control.

  4. your, kdp, report only shows month-to-date sales; if you want daily sales, track them yourself by checking this report every 24 hours. a new, kdp report displays sales and royalties at each price discount side-by-side with pre-promotion performance, so its easy. Kdp only lets, book, report access the past 90 days worth of your sales data, so the sooner you install it, the more access to your.

  5. Get help publishing on Amazon's Kindle direct Publishing (. Kdp a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control. Kdp finally shows the book status as published which means the metadata is editable again and I can (remorsefully) remove damon. Rather than relying upon authors to report issues, Amazon, kdp needs to clean up their act and take responsibility for their store.

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