Essay on the need to preserve forest

Essay on, forest for Children and Students

essay on the need to preserve forest

Essay on, deforestation for Children and Students

Forest helps in increasing the humidity of the air and cause greater rainfall. They also help in increasing the soil fertility. . They protect the adjoining crops by reducing the velocity of the storms. How to save forests? We can save forests stopping the cutting of trees (stop deforestation establishing new forests (afforestation) and reestablishing old forests (reforestation). We can save the forests through a balanced comprehensive and well-thought out plan.

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The state governments should designate more forest reserves and movie great care must be taken to relocate wild life if their habitat is being cleared for housing or industries. In fact, the government should reduce the number of licences being issued to developers and timber logging companies. They are the main culprits threatening the existence of wild life as well paragraph as our health. Fresh air provided by natural forests is important for human survival. Forests are essential for the sustainability of planet earth. . Forests command great influence on the climate, soil, and environment of our world. Why save the forest? We should save forests as a protection against floods and famines. . Forests prevent floods and reduce soil erosion by regulating the flow of water. Adequate forest cover also ensures a sustainable and safe environment. .

Forests and jungles provide natural protection against pollution by providing uncontaminated air and trapping pollutants. The government and nongovernmental organization must collaborate to protect the green lung. The presence of factories and increase in number of vehicles on the roads assignments have resulted in an unhealthy atmosphere. In addition Malaysia regularly suffers the haze problem due to forests fires from Kalimantan as well as open burning here. This combined with indiscriminate felling of trees have contributed to a host of medical problems among citizens of our country. Doctors confirm that there has been a dramatic increase in people suffering form lung and breathing complications. A major factor is the destruction of forests coupled with pollution. Hence, it is vital that the government take immediate steps to prevent this situation from worsening.

essay on the need to preserve forest

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The purpose is to provide facilities and amenities to the citizens. However, this is causing major problems to wildlife as their habitat is destroyed. Our indigenous and unique flora and faun is also being threatened. Protected species such as tigers, elephants, rhinocerous and others are dying due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Many are forced to find new areas which may not be conducive to them. We often hear in the news how wild tigers and elephants all encroach into human habitat and have killed or maimed humans while foraging for food. We need to preserve more forests and reserve areas for these animals as sanctuaries. Aside from providing a haven for these creatures, preservation of forests is also good for us as trees provide fresh and health air. As human population increases, so does pollution.

If each one of us grows just one healthy and suitable tree in his life time, the problem will be solved. To mi" Armstrong It is a small ask for each one of us but a giant task for the mankind. Every nation aims for a developed or advanced status. Only through development, the nation can progress and ensure the people enjoy a high quality and standard of living. Deforestation clears land of trees and bushes for development. Houses, industries, parks and public infrastructure are built on the cleared land. However, rapid deforestation as a result of greed for quick wealth is endangering both the wildlife and our health. In Malaysia, the last decades since independence have witnessed massive deforestation and clearing of land for development mainly to build houses, condominiums, theme parks, industries among others.

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essay on the need to preserve forest

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Presently, forests are being used for mainly two purpose fuelwood and timber both involve felling trees. This can be avoided by either developing alternative sources of energy there are many-solar, biogas etc. Alternative means for construction cpwd has banned the thorn use of wood in houses or by growing at least one if not two tree for each tree cut. Secondly, new, better means of using forests should be evolved. Sericulture, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, horticulture, etc. Are not only viable but also very profitable alternatives. At the same time, forests should be protected as a system.

This means that monocultures are avoided and variety of trees suitable to the local environs be grown. The question today is not whether or not afforestation but how. Our very survival depends upon how successful we are in our mission. Let m think about future. In the greed for short term gains, 4et us not put our very survival at stake. We all have role to play in this movement.

One tree for every child, Trees for Eco-development and numerous other schemes were launched. To provide financial support, forest development boards were set. An innovative scheme to involve industries and private parties in afforestation drive was launched under Industrial Plantation. To make use of the waste lands, marginal lands and desert lands, energy plantations, fodder plantations etc. Under ddp, forests were sought to be promoted not only to restore fragile ecological balance but also to provide people with the means of livelihood. Similarly, dpap was launched with afforestation as its cornerstone.

Despite all such efforts, we find very little tangible result. Forests are still getting cut and degraded and wildlife still being destroyed. Somehow, the awareness that forests are in danger and that we should do something about it has still not reached many. And many of us, who know the fact, do not know what to be done about. Forestry is highly labor intensive primary activity. Unless, people are involved neck deep in the afforestation drive, little progress can be made. Spread of information by mass media, through social workers, in schools and colleges, at work places, all these are required for the drive to become a movement. While most of us know the importance of forests, we take them for granted. Conservation of forests does not mean that they should not be used for economic purposes but should be used efficiently and in a way that does not endanger the ecological balance and does not destroy the home of wild animals.

Essay on conservation of forest

For sustaining ecological balance, for environmental and other reasons, it is important that at least one third of our land is covered with forests. However, today we have less than 20 area vertebrae under forests and much of it is degraded forest. Over felling of trees, hindering natural process of pollination and germination and diverting land for other purposes have all taken their toll on forests. So, the need of the hour is to work to save existing forests and help in bringing larger area under forests. The need to conserve forests and upgrade them was nurse recognized decades back by the Indian government. Subsequently, to promote research in forestry and allied sciences, a forest Research Institute, and for forest management, an Indian Institute of Forest Management were opened. While Indian Forest Service was organized on an efficient basis by sir John Strachedy, a new orientation was given to it after independence. The need to involve public was felt and so social forestry scheme was launched. The purpose was to make forestry a mass movement.

essay on the need to preserve forest

Tulsi plant is always found and worshipped in a traditional home. Pipal tree is revered by all. Neem is valuable as an insecticide, germicide and medicine, in the times when there were no coolers or air conditioners people comforted themselves in the cool shades of mango, neem and other trees during summer heat. The survival of entire wild life depends upon the health and well being of our trees and specially our forests. Today, however, the forests are in danger. Their survival is at stake as man, in his blind pursuit of wealth and power, is bent upon destroying them. The urgent need today is to save our forests from extinction.

wear, we owe it all to the trees. Not only this, trees act as purifiers of air and receptacles of our waste products. Trees have great economic value too. We get fuel, fodder, timber, medicines and numerous other valuable products from the trees. It is, therefore, not surprising that trees were given great importance in our culture, our tradition, our mythology and legends. The entire panchatantra revolves around forests and its inhabitants.

In the same way, the large belt of thick, evergreen trees running from Peru to Brazil (called the Amazon rain Forest) is also a forest. A good example is the Amazon rain Forest. It is estimated that two-thirds of the world's forest are currently distributed among 10 countries: (REF: iucn, international Union for Conservation of Nature). Forests are hugely important for life on earth. This is because it serves as an ecosystem, and sustains life for millions of animals, birds and animals that live in the rivers and streams running through these forests. It also does a lot of good to the atmosphere in climate control, as well as supplying oxygen for human sustenance. Notes, the term we use to describe the variety of living things, animals and plants, their living environments and genes is called. It is believed that the Amazon Forest has the widest biodiversity. In the next pages, we shall look at the types metamorphosis and importance of forests, the problem of deforestation and its' effects, as well as what we can do to minimise the consequences.

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Introduction to forest preservation, environmental activists consider forests as one of the top 5 natural resources on earth. This is rightly so, and today, we shall look at how wonderful our forests are to us, and why we should immediately stop its' destruction. There is more to forests than just a massive collection of trees. It is a natural, complex ecosystem, made up of a wide variety of trees, that support a massive range of life forms. Apart from trees, forests also include the soils that support the trees, the water bodies that run through them and even the atmosphere (air) around them. Forests of the world are a natural wonder that humans have essay sadly taken for granted. Forests come in many sizes and forms. For example, the piece of land with huge trees and many animals, birds and water bodies running through it in a part of Kenya can be called a forest.

Essay on the need to preserve forest
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They can preserve groundwater supplies that are important both. Competitive exams step-by-step guide to writing essay on forest conservation, alon g with links to other essay-writing resources. Forest protection is the preservation or improvement of a forest threatened or aff ected.

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