A very long engagement summary

A very long Engagement (2004), rotten Tomatoes

a very long engagement summary

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a very long engagement summary

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Sound editors : Gérard Hardy, laurent Kossayan, cédric Denooz, production Designer : Aline bonetto, casting : Marc Robert, pierre-jacques Bénichou, sound Mixer : Vincent Arnardi. Still Photographer : Bruno calvo, feature film, genres : Fiction, sub-genre : Drama, historical Themes : War Production language : French Coproducer countries : France, united States Original French-language productions : Yes Nationality : Majority French (France, united States) Production year : 2004 French release.

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a very long engagement summary

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And yet, mathilde refuses to accept this evidence. If Manech was dead, she would know. She clings on to her intuition as though to a last stretched cord linking her to her lover. A former sergent may insist that Manech died in the no man's land of a trench called Bingo Crépuscule, accompanied by four other soldiers condemned to death for willful mutilation, the message who doesn't get through. Mathilde refuses to let go, clings ever more tightly to her convictions and sets out on her own investigation.

Despite false hopes and incertitudes, little be little she reveals the truth about what happened to manech and his four camarades. The path is full of stumbling blocks and traps, but Mathilde is not afraid. Anything can be overcome by those who choose to challenge fate. CountryDistributorbuyerRelease date, show more, show less, sorry, your search returned no results. Assistant directors : Thierry mauvoisin, pascal roy, arnaud Esterez, arnaud Mathey dreyfus, matthieu de la mortiere, guilain Depardieu. Screenwriters : jean-pierre jeunet, guillaume laurant, sound recordists : jean Umansky, sophie chiabaut, camera Operator : Arthur Cloquet, press Attaché (film) : Myriam Bruguière.

He must work in a kind of holy trance, falling to his knees at night to give thanks that modern special effects have made his visions possible. Some directors abuse effects. He flies on their wings. Whether Mathilde finds Manech is a question I should not answer, but reader, what do you think is the likelihood that an angel-faced girl with polio could spend an entire movie searching for her true love and not find him? Audiences would rip up their seats. The point is not whether she finds him, but how.

Can jeunet devise their reunion in a way that is not an anticlimax after such a glorious search? What can they do, mathilde and Manech, and what can they say? Reader, the film's closing moments are so sad and happy that we know, yes, it has to end on just that perfect note, held and held and held. Starring: Audrey tautou, gaspard Ulliel, jodie foster, summary: An extraordinary love story set against the background of World War. Director: jean-pierre jeunet, genre(s Drama, mystery, romance, war, rating:. It's 1919 and Mathilde is 19 years old. Two years earlier, her fiance manech left for the somme where, like thousands of others, he "died on the field of honor." The official notification of his death clearly states this, black ink on white paper.

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Ticky holgado, who you may remember from the cover of Amelie's talking book). He plods about quizzing possible witnesses with the raised eyebrows of an Inspector maigret and gradually a scenario seems to form in which Manech is not necessarily dead. As a counterpoint to mathilde's hopeful search, jeunet supplies another search among the same human remains, this one carried out by and a prostitute named Tina (. Marion Cotillard who figures out who was responsible for the death of her lover. Her means of revenge are so unspeakably ingenious that Edgar Allan poe would twitch in envy. The barbarity of war and the implacable logic of revenge are softened by the voluptuous beauty of jeunet's visuals and the magic of his storytelling. Here is a director who loves - adores! telling stories, so that we sense his voluptuous pleasure in his own tales.

a very long engagement summary

Goodbye to All That by robert Graves and from a hundred films like "All quiet on thesis the western Front ". Paths of Glory " and "King and country we have an idea of the trench warfare that makes wwi seem like the worst kind of hell politicians and generals ever devised for their men. To be assigned to the front was essentially a sentence of death, but not quick death, more often death after a long season of cold, hunger, illness, shell-shock and the sheer horror of what you had to look at and think about. Jeunet depicts this reality as well as I have ever seen it shown on the screen, beginning with his opening shot of a severed arm hanging, Christ-like, from a shattered cross. Advertisement, against these fragments he buttresses his fancies, his camera swooping like a glad bird over Paris and the countryside, his narrator telling us of Mathilde and her quest. These moments have some of the charm of the early scenes in Truffaut's ". Jules and Jim before the same war destroyed their happiness. Mathilde enlists a dogged old bird of a private detective (.

all as Cornflower. After the war, mathilde comes upon a letter that seems to hint that not all five died on the battlefield, and she begins the long task of tracking down eyewitnesses and survivors to find the manech she is sure is still alive and needs her. This story is told in a film so visually delightful that only the horrors of war keep it from floating up on clouds of joy. Having not connected with his earlier films "Delicatessen" and "The city of Lost Children i was enchanted, as everyone was, by jeunet's first film with Audrey tautou, ". Amelie." Now he brings everything together - his joyously poetic style, the lovable tautou, a good story worth the telling - into a film that is a series of pleasures stumbling over one another in their haste to delight. I will have to go back again to those early films; maybe i am learning the language. That is not to say "a very long Engagement" is mindless jollity.

Watch it now, cast, news interviews for, a very long Engagement. Critic reviews for, a very long Engagement, view All Critic reviews (147). Audience reviews for, a very long Engagement, view All Audience reviews. A very long Engagement,"s, news features. In the horror of trench warfare during World War i, with French and vegetarianism Germans dug in across from each during endless muddy, cold, wet, bloody months, not a few put their rifles into their mouths and sent themselves on permanent leave. Others, more optimistic, wounded themselves to get a pass to a field hospital, but if this treachery was suspected, the sentence was death. "a very long Engagement" opens by introducing us to five french soldiers convicted of wounding themselves; one is innocent, but all are condemned, and it is a form of cruelty, perhaps, that instead of being lined up and shot they are sent out into. Advertisement, the movie is seen largely through the eyes of Mathilde (.

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Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.9/5, user Ratings: 65,342. Critic Consensus: A well-crafted and visually arresting drama with a task touch of whimsy. A very long Engagement, photos, movie info, audrey tautou, who rose to international stardom with the title role in jean-pierre jeunet's worldwide smash Amà (C)lie, reunites with the director for this drama, set during the darkest days of World War i and its immediate aftermath. Mathilde (Tautou) is a pretty but frail young women who was left with a bad leg after a childhood bout with polio. Mathilde lives in a small French village with her Aunt bã (C)nà (C)dicte (Chantal neuwirth) and Uncle sylvain (Dominique pinon and is engaged to marry manech (Gaspard Ulliel the son of a lighthouse keeper who is fighting with the army near the german front. Manech is one of five soldiers who have been accused of injuring themselves in order to be sent home; in order to discourage similar behavior among their comrades, manech and the other soldiers are sentenced to death, and the condemned men are marched into the. Mathilde receives word of Manech's death, but in her heart she believes that if the man she loved had been killed, she would know it and feel. Convinced he's still alive somewhere, mathilde hires a private detective (Ticky holgado) shortly after the end of the war, and together they set out to find the missing Manech. Jodie foster appears in a supporting role as a polish expatriate living in France.

A very long engagement summary
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  2. Production and distribution (4). That is not to say a, very, long, engagement is mindless jollity. Her means of revenge are so unspeakably ingenious that Edgar Allan poe would twitch in envy.

  3. A, very, long, engagement. A, feature film by jean-pierre jeunet. Produced by 2003 Productions.

  4. The comic-dramatic divide. A, very, long, engagement is difficult to traverse, much less conquer. For soup artik pres. A very long engagement.

  5. 60 Short Essay questions. A, very, long, engagement summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. A, very, long, engagement movie reviews metacritic score: An extraordinary love story set against the background of World War.

  6. A, very, long, engagement, summary, sebastien Japrisot. Download the Study guide. 180 Multiple Choice questions.

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